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Medicine Wheel Path and Home On-line Course
Please contact me at gettigd@sbcglobal.net to be put on the notification list for this class.
Here is what people have said about the Medicine Wheel Path and Home E-course!   

“The course was fantastic” Beth C.

This was  a wonderful class. Kudos of gratitude to you for sharing your wisdom!”  Jenna H.  

“I want to say that I’m very happy with what I have learned and so very grateful to you for offering this wonderful course!”  Paula G.”

“The class has been a fascinating, amazing value in wisdom” and “beautiful clear presentation”   Stella V.  

~The Medicine Wheel Home: Applying Natural Feng Shui to Create a Home with Meaning~  

The Medicine Wheel Home course is an excellent way to learn to create a home with good chi (energy) and bring the spirit of nature into your spaces. In this unique course you will learn the basics of the Native American Medicine Wheel combined with Feng Shui to create a home filled with your very own personal style and meaning.  This is an experiential course and you can use these concepts throughout your life-time. You will not look at your home in the same way after taking this course.

The four lessons comprising this course will be:

Lesson 1: You will learn the history and meaning of the MW, the importance of the center of the MW and of your home, and how to honor the center.
Assignment 1: You will apply this information to your home.

Lesson 2: You will learn about the MW energetic map, 4 directions and 4 elements, and MW and FS enhancements as they relate to your home.
Assignment 2: You will apply these teachings to your home. You will also learn some ways to identify and remedy missing areas, blockages, etc., which inhibit chi flow.

Lesson 3: You will learn the important aspects of the directional/elemental home and your elemental nature.
Assignment 3: You will then apply this information to your home.

Lesson 4: You will learn ways to further balance and harmonize your home with the FS and MW enhancements.
Assignment 4: You take a deep look at your home and apply suggested enhancements to create good chi in your home.

Course goals: The goal of the course is to introduce the student to the basics of the Medicine Wheel Home which combines the Native American Medicine Wheel concepts with Feng Shui concepts. Through this experiential course the student will learn ways to apply the Medicine Wheel Home methods to their environment, which will harmonized and create unity in their spaces.

The Medicine Wheel Path: Living a Life of Balance and Spirit
Medicine Wheel Path course is complimentary to The Medicine Wheel Home course and vice versa.  The Medicine Wheel (MW) courses build on and augment each other just as the MW moves in layers and circles.

The MW is an ancient practice that you can learn to apply to your fast-paced, modern life.  After I certified as a MW Feng Shui consultant, the MW teachings affected me in such a powerful way that I knew I wanted to study more about the MW.  Therefore I read all I could find on the subject and I practiced the teachings.  This course is the result of my training, study, and my practice.  MW is one of the best methods for personal and spiritual growth that I have found in my 30 plus years of study!  So now I want to share this knowledge with you.

In this course we will focus on the fundamentals of the teachings so you can easily incorporate them into your life and get results.  Although MW can be a complex system of working with the psyche, it can also be clear and simple.  I have seen some students and clients get fast results and find answers to life’s questions fairly effortlessly in this practice.  You will be able to start working with your MW right away.

Lesson 1: You will learn the concepts of the MW and will start learning the energies of the MW.  Assignment 1:  You will learn different ways to build a MW.  Then you will choose a method and build your very own MW.

Lesson 2:  You will finish learning the basic energies of the MW.
Assignment 2:  You will practice working within the MW and connecting to the directions and elements in a profound and beneficial way.

Lesson 3: You will learn key ways to work within your MW for growth, meditation, ceremony, and more.
 Assignment  3:  You will choose a personal goal and begin working with it using the MW as your sacred tool of transformation.

Lesson 4:  You will learn more Native American wisdom such as finding and working with totems and signs in nature.
Assignment 4:  You will learn ways to find and work with signs in nature.

With Each Medicine Wheel course in addition to the weekly lessons and assignments you will receive: 
• Weekly Synchro-Alignment™ meditations.
• Facebook Group discussion (this is fun and an invaluable way to learn even more).
• Me, a certified advanced Feng Shui and Medicine Wheel consultant as your coach.
 If you have any questions or if you would like more information contact Dawn Gettig at gettigd@sbcglobal.net


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