Feng Shui Counsultations

Whatever your style or budget I can assist you with making your home look and feel fabulous.  Whether designing or re-designing your spaces, getting your home ready to sell, or buying a new home I have the expertise.  I am great at assisting you in creating an environment you will love and one that will help you lead a more authentic life in tune with your goals. 

Over the years, I have implemented Feng Shui principles of creating a home or office of beauty and utility, and I have been delighted to experience the powerful results in the lives of my clients.  These changes can bring you abundance, creativity, love and more joy.  Feng Shui is one of the best ways to support your dreams and goals, to make your home feel and look beautiful, and to create success in all aspects of your life.  Contact me at gettigd@sbcglobal.net for more information.



My Client Philosophy

I greatly enjoy connecting with clients on a deeply profound level and will assist you in creating an environment that reflects your dreams and goals and your true essence.  Together we can create an environment which you love and is your sanctuary.


One of my specialties is working within your decorating budget and frequently I can use what you already have in your home or office.  It can be surprisingly simple – just moving one of your possessions can change an area significantly.  Another unique specialty of mine is to assist you in bringing  the energy of nature into your environment.  It is such a refreshing feeling to enliven your space with the energy of the elements.  After our consultation you will be inspired with a sense of renewal in your living or work space.

“I like to create simple, flowing rooms which are in-line with nature, yet ones that encompass your decor style.  By using color, fabric, furniture, accessories, etc, I can assist you in creating beautiful and harmonious environments.  We sometimes create complicated lives with elaborate plans, spaces, gardens, etc.  This can impede our progress in many ways.  I like to eliminate the unnecessary and uncover the authentic and the essential nature of a space and/or lifestyle.   It is about creating character and synergistic harmony in a home or office design.  I have found these values can truly refresh and energize an environment, making all your spaces supportive to you and your goals.” ~ Dawn

Commercial or Residential Services:

  • Interior Decorating
  • Feng Shui
  • Green Living
  • Workshops/Classes/E-course  (please see the workshops tab)
  • Home Staging
  • Organizing and Clutter Clearing


I charge $50 per hour and if you are located more than 15 miles away I charge 5$ per every extra 15 miles.  Introductory conversations are free.

A consultation consists of approximately 2 hours of me assisting you with either a Feng Shui, or a Space Clearing/Blessing (this does depend on the size of your home and what service you are interested in).

I often work with my clients over numerous visits.  It all depends on your budget and what you would like me to assist you with.  I am very flexible and offer a sort of  la carte menu (you can mix and match) type consultation based on your needs.

Need a helping hand?  I can work side-by-side with you on projects such as organizing, clutter clearing, painting, shopping, and re-arranging furniture.

E-Consultations or Distance Consultations  Consultations available through E-mail, telephone, or through a written report.  Contact me for further information.

Feng Shui Consultations include:  Starting at your front door we will walk through your home or office space and I will offer recommendations on how to enhance the flow of the space, arrangement of furniture, ways to decorate to support your goals, etc.  Also, I will suggest ways to improve areas that may be creating challenges in your life.

Space Clearing and Blessings: I am certified in Seven Star Space Clearing and Blessings™.  I utilize sacred methods along with your goals to clear and bless the energy of your environment.   This is a powerful and ancient practice.  For more information on Space Clearings visit my Space Clearing page on the menu above.

Contact me at gettigd@sbcglobal.net.


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