Art Show at Gathering Place West-side

Lots of art and little tea bag art especially little bluebirds are flying out from my art show at The Gathering Place’s west-side location and into new homes!  The show is there until after mid-June.  Then I will have a show at the Gathering Place east-side from July through Sept.   I do commission work……

My Art at Cleveland Botanical Garden

My art show Whimsical Blooms and Curious Creatures is on display at the Cleveland Botanical Garden’s Big Spring event which begins Saturday 3/18/17 and goes through 4/23/17.  I have 70 paintings on display …. that is a lot of paintings to hang!  Thanks to my wonderful husband and daughter for their assistance with the set-up yesterday….

Tea Bag Art week 7

Here is a recent tea bag resting on my homemade art papers.  Muted colors and nature designs are my favorite and I find inspiration in the organic colors and patterns that show up on the tea bag.

My Artwork at Awaken Yoga Studio

I am thrilled that my inspiring mantra art is for sale at the beautiful Awaken Yoga  studio in Mentor, Ohio.  It is truly one of the most beautiful yoga studios I have been in.   And sign up for free yoga classes for this weekend’s grand opening of the new studio at their new location. …

Tea Bag Art week 6

Little bluebird of happiness.  This one is on display (through the end of Feb) with lots more of my art for sale at the Kirtland Community Center.

Tea Bag Art week 5

It is so comforting to have a cup of tea. Tea is a must in my life. Holding the warm cup, sipping slowly… drinking tea brings moments of needed calm to my fast paced life with the seemingly endless things to do. Maybe it is me being an older mom, but I absolutely crave serenity…

Tea Bag 4 The Fawn

During this season of celebration ….sending you sweet serenity.  Week 4 of weekly posting of my tea bag art.

Tea Bag 3 and Haiku

owl perched with-in deep woodland forest and dark night stars eyes glowing hoot calls

Tea Bag Art 2

Mixed media chickadee on tea bag.  I will be adding these for sale at The Holden Arboretum’s (Kirtland, OH) holiday show starting the week of Dec 12th through Jan 8th, 2017.                

Tea Bag Art

I am completely hooked on tea bag art and adore the organic design and colors of the tea stains left on the little tea bag substrate .  Thank goodness I drink lots of tea!  What got me started was last August I took a class Tiny Bags of Love with the sweet and talented  Jeanne-Marie Webb from…