My Art at Cleveland Botanical Garden

My art show Whimsical Blooms and Curious Creatures is on display at the Cleveland Botanical Garden’s Big Spring event which begins Saturday 3/18/17 and goes through 4/23/17.  I have 70 paintings on display …. that is a lot of paintings to hang!  Thanks to my wonderful husband and daughter for their assistance with the set-up yesterday….

Tea Bag 3 and Haiku

owl perched with-in deep woodland forest and dark night stars eyes glowing hoot calls

Dreaming and Reality

I love this quote! “Art will remain the most astonishing activity of mankind born out of struggle between wisdom and madness, between dream and reality in our mind.”  -Magdalena Abakanowicz 9″x 12″ acrylic and other mixed media on pine board  

She Grows Like Flowers

Had a great day painting while the kids were at camp. This one is called She Grows Like Flowers.  Acrylic on 16″x 20″ canvas.

Art and Inner Exploration

Creating art can be a wonderful way to explore your inner essence.  You have to be free and bold and listen to your inner voice.  It is a meditative practice.  Here is a recent mixed media piece called Bird Lady on 16″x 16″ canvas.  I used pages from old books, sheet music, acrylic, pencils and…

Art Show at the Kirtland Community Center

I have an art show at the Kirtland Community Center which opened in May and will be there until June 23rd.  So if you are local I hope you will stop by to check it out.  I am so thrilled to have sold 11 of my paintings so far.  

Evolution of a Painting

So here is my little journey or evolution of a painting.  Just keep in mind I used to draw and paint in a more exact way, more true to life.  But now I just love to paint freely, at times more childlike, joyful and very intuitively. On Friday evening with a glass of beer, listening…

Art Show

Loving that these 3 paintings and a few more were sold at a show I did at the Kirtland Community Center (KCC).  Painting as much as possible these days and excited to have  another show at the KCC in May.

Autumn Time and Halloween

artwork by Dawn Gettig Today the winds are scary wild and good …blowing everything around and around…. stirring up the Chi (energy).  Autumn is such a beautiful time of year.  It is good to be cozy indoors cooking aromatic soups, working on creative projects, yet going outdoors and deeply breathing in the cool air, while…

Don’t Die with the Music Still In You

Since last December I have been painting as often as possible (in-between raising kids, work, teaching yoga, and more).  The above artwork hangs in my daughter’s room.  My challenge is to become the artist I have always dreamed of becoming and to quote the late great Dr. Wayne Dyer “don’t die with the music still…