Evolution of a Painting

So here is my little journey or evolution of a painting.  Just keep in mind I used to draw and paint in a more exact way, more true to life.  But now I just love to paint freely, at times more childlike, joyful and very intuitively.

On Friday evening with a glass of beer, listening to new Coldplay and old Lou Reed, my painting started out looking like this … very free… with lots of marks and a base of color… any color it didn’t matter…. any marks it didn’t matter, knowing lots of layers and marks will follow.


Saturday morning adding my current favorite color palette… flowers and lines start to appear.


So after a pretty good amount of reworking on Saturday afternoon I now have my finished messy and free abstract. Lately, I have been working on lots of paintings mostly abstracts using this color palette.  I am calling it the “shabby chic” group of work.   Just loving these soft color paintings hanging in my dining room and living room.  And soon to be sold on Etsy and other places.  Thanks for following on my journey.







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  1. saine13 says:

    Reblogged this on Saine Corner and commented:
    Dawn Gettig, Painter. Some interesting ideas and intuitive paintings on her site.

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    1. Dawn Gettig says:

      Thanks so much for your interest in my blog

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