Autumn Time and Halloween

IMG_20151018_114224064artwork by Dawn Gettig

Today the winds are scary wild and good …blowing everything around and around…. stirring up the Chi (energy).  Autumn is such a beautiful time of year.  It is good to be cozy indoors cooking aromatic soups, working on creative projects, yet going outdoors and deeply breathing in the cool air, while observing nature and gathering the last bits of summertime.

Autumn also brings Halloween and my daughters now 11 and 14 will be trick or treating on Saturday.  I remember when my youngest daughter was just 3 years old.  She couldn’t believe how fun it was to go door to door and get candy (we don’t usually have candy in our house) it was such a treasure to her.  She ran to every house in the neighborhood.  She just couldn’t get enough!  When we reached our home she decided to lay down at the end of the driveway, completely out of energy, unable to walk the driveway to the house!  So we carried her off to bed.

Autumn blessings to you all!


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