About and Contact


Hello and Welcome!  I am a mixed media artist who has studied art for years.  As a life-long student I continue to explore different expressions of art.  I am also a yoga teacher and I help people create sacred space in their home and office.  I live in my artful and nature filled home in Kirtland, Ohio with my husband, two daughters and three cats.

Creating intuitive art is a journey of passion for me.  It is a continually evolving process reflecting my life path and experience of nature and the world around me.  I continually try to express myself in a deep, organic and original way. 

 I apply acrylic paint or ink to canvas, wood or paper.  I often use water color pencils, paint-pens, decorative paper and other medium that inspires me.  My process is intuitive. My style is a blend of whimsical, folk, fantasy, and abstraction inspired by nature, my dreams, my imagination and the mystery and magic of life. 

 If you have any questions or commission requests I can be reached at gettigd@sbcglobal.net

Blessings and Love,